Book of A Mormon

Over the holidays, I got a chance to really sink my teeth into this book, and I am glad that I did. Dr. Scott Miller is one of my “professional crushes,” and I respect his work. His focus on what makes for a “Supershrink” is some of his best.

With this being said, this book looks at his experience on his LDS mission in Sweden, back in the 1970s. For those of you who read My Story, you will know that I am/was not of the LDS type and brand of faith, yet the striking similarity with what his experience was and what my experience was (as well as the many who have contacted me about their experiences), shows that this has been an issue in spiritual communities for some time. This book reflects on something very profound, and it is summed up in one of the quotes which has been shared and highlighted by many on Amazon (and probably elsewhere as well):

“In short, no matter who we are or what we believe, each of us is capable of exhibiting the same love and hate, humility and pride, tolerance and prejudice, kindness and cruelty, truth and error, as anyone else. When we forget how similar we are, come to see ourselves as somehow different, better, even unique, the stage is set for the mistreatment of others. From world wars to bullying in the schools, life is replete with examples of what happens when we set ourselves apart, above others.”

Consider giving this book a look-see. I don’t throw out praise to just do so. Trust is a BIG thing to me. Just to let you know, when you click on the picture above, I will likely get some coffee money, which helps me write this blog to be just as awesome as you.